QUESTION: Return policy?
ANSWER: We're confident you'll love your one of a kind statement piece. If your ring/bracelet is properly taken care of you should have zero problems. Each piece is photographed carefully so there are no surprises when they arrive in the mail. They are also carefully packaged and shipped so they don't bend or break during shipment. At this time we're not accepting returns unless your item is damaged upon arrival.

QUESTION: What is a turquoise piece falls out of my ring/bracelet?
ANSWER: This should never happen if your piece is properly sized and taken care of. Below is an image on how to properly taken on and off your bracelet so it fits you. ONLY tighten your bracelet the first time you put it on. If you use the "C" technique, you can roll your bracelet on and off easily every time (even if a bracelet is too small for you):

QUESTION: My bracelet is starting to tarnish. What do I do?
ANSWER: Real silver is known to tarnish, but only if it's not taken care of properly. Always take off your ring/bracelet before showering or swimming. For extra precautions, keep your turquoise jewelry in a small plastic bag so it doesn't come in contact with other non-silver pieces.

Keep your silver shiny! Tarnish cloths coming soon.

QUESTION: What are the letters on the back of my ring/bracelet?
ANSWER: The letters on the back of your ring/bracelet are the initials of the Native American artist who hand-made your piece. Most of the items we sell are from the Zuni tribe, but unfortunately we don't know the first and last name of each artist. Your piece is truly unique!

QUESTION: I LOVE something on your site, but it's sold out. What can I do?
ANSWER: Unfortunately, each piece is unique and hand made by different Native American artists. If there is something on our site that is already sold, let us know and we'll do our best to find another piece that's similar.

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